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Doug Minor, President of Easy Credit Relief Inc., co-author of the book, Anatomy of Credit Scores, and Founder of and , is a recognized expert on credit reporting and credit scoring.  Doug is an expert in personal finance, consumer credit, credit law, mortgage lending and serves as an expert witness/legal consultant for those involved in credit/mortgage litigation.

Doug has 20+ years of experience in analyzing consumer credit reports and has reviewed more than 8,000+ reports.  He has authored many articles and created educational materials on the subject.

Relevant Skills and Experience

Doug has performed over 50 training classes on credit scoring, credit reporting and what to do with your credit when buying your first home and many other trainings on the subject of credit, to audiences of all levels of sophistication including CEO’s, Lenders, professional groups and consumers.

Doug participated in an Expert Witness Training course where he answered some of the most difficult questions admirably and was commended by James Little, Esq. for his relaxed appearance along with his ability to take the complicated subject matter and translate it in simple terms anyone could understand during a mock deposition.

Since Doug began running the credit educational and credit repair company Easy Credit Relief Inc., his understanding and knowledge with credit regulations such as CROA, FCRA, FDCPA and FACTA is utilized on a consistent basis.  So not only does he have the academics, but the first hand knowledge of working with consumers, creditors and bureaus. During this time he has answered thousands of questions from consumers regarding credit scores and the information contained in their files.

Credit Damage Consultation and Expert Witness Capabilities

Credit report evaluation, types of credit damages, review Federal Truth-in-lending disclosures, financial calculations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, modern credit scoring, loan modification agreements, mortgege notes, lender underwriting guidelines, adjustable rate mortgages, unfair debt collections, evaluate testimony, and develop questions for depositions and trial.

Educational Certifications and Licensing Exams

From November 3,  2009 to November 2, 2011 Doug held and was recognized by the Consumer Data Industry Association of Washington D.C. for successfully meeting the conditions of eligibility and passing the required examination to receive a Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification.

Edward Jamison, Esq. of CreditCRM in Los Angeles, California presented a Certification of Expert status in the fields of Credit Scoring and Credit Restoration to Doug.

Doug also earned a Certificate of Achievement and Training Certification: FACTA – Identity Theft Prevention Program.

At the CMPS Institute Doug met the required standards and successfully completed the training and examination process and is acknowledged as an expert in the area of Mortgage Planning, Cash Flow Management and Real Estate Equity Management.

In 2008 Doug completed and passed the requirements earning the Certified Divorce Planning Professional designation which focuses on creating equitable solutions for divorcing individuals and focusing on protecting their C.R.A.D.L.E. (Credit, Resolve, Assets, Dependants, Life and Estate).

Doug has held a Real Estate Salesperson License from the Department of Real Estate in California from October 1985 to November 2011.

Consulting/Expert Witness Engagement

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